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China Kepei Education Group Limited (”Kepei Education” or “the Company”) is a leading provider of private higher education in South China focusing on profession-oriented education. The Company operated two schools in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province: one is Zhaoqing Science and Technology Secondary Vocational School established in 2000 and the other is Guangdong Polytechnic College established in 2005.

We are committed to providing students with high-quality profession-oriented education and help them meet the growing and changing market demand. We focus on engineering majors in order to better capture local employment demands, balanced with economics, management, education and art majors to offer well-rounded education services. Meantime, we endeavor to provide students with various profession-oriented training and internship opportunities in collaboration with research institutions and enterprises, through which we foster practical skills and market competitiveness of our students. We have also built our reputation on the high initial employment rate of our graduates.