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Mr. Ye Nianqiao (Chairman of the Board, Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer)

One of the pioneers of the PRC’s private higher education industry

Vice president of Guangdong Provincial Private Education Association

Vice president of Guangdong Vocational Training and Technical Education Association

Member of the Chinese Vocational Education Association of Guangdong Province

Dr. Zhang Xiangwei (Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer, Principal of Guangdong Polytechnic College)

Served as vice principal of Chongqing University, principal of Shantou University and principal of Guangdong University of Technology

Member of the discipline review panel of the National Natural Science Foundation of China

Member of the science and technology committee of the MOE


Mr. Ye Nianjiu (Dean of Zhaoqing School)

Dean of the College of Continuing Education, within Guangdong Polytechnic College